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Spirit Dental offers a variety of dental insurance options tailored to your needs. Spirit Dental offers two insurance plan options as well as the opportunity to add vision insurance. Within each of their plan options (Network and Choice) you have two choices. The main difference between the choices are the maximum benefits. They have plans available for individuals, couples, and families. For more information on coverage that might pertain to your situation or to enroll click here.​

“Disability causes nearly 50% of all mortgage foreclosures, 2% are caused by death.”  Health Affairs, the Policy Journal of the Health Sphere, February 2, 2005

“3 in 10 workers entering the work force today will become disabled before retiring.”  Social Security Administration, Fact Sheet, January 31, 2007

Let us show you how to make an informed decision when determining your need for life insurance.  Maybe it is $0 and maybe it is $10 million. You decide.
As an independent agent we are constantly searching the market for the lowest cost term life insurance.

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